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  • Do I turn my order form into the school?
    YES! Please be sure to return your order form or place you order online by the due date given to you.
  • When will I receive my order?
    You will receive your order about 2-4 weeks after your school's due date and will be distributed by your school. Orders submitted to us after your school's due date will take longer to be processed and may be delayed up to two weeks from the date of submitting your order. Orders may be delayed longer if information is left off during the ordering process and we are unable to contact you. Be sure to always include your Child's School, Child's Full Name, Phone Number, & E-mail so we can process your order quickly.
  • Why is there a fee if my order is late?
    Orders are processed by bulk when we receive them from the school, therefore, when a late order is received, more time must be used to process orders received past your due date. A fee of $5 is added to offset this cost.
  • What do I do if I haven't received my order, is incorrect, or is missing items?"
    Please fill out an order correction form found HERE, and we will get back to you ASAP!
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